Keywords list converter tool

This tool is the solution for SEO e for everyone who works usually with keyword lists. With a single click you can convert your list in "row" format to every linear format you desire!

You can write thousands of keywords in your notepad, copy & paste them in the left text area and with just-one-click, convert it in a comma separated list! You can use a separator longer 1 char!
Do you need a regular expression? It's easy: add the "|" like separator and you obtain immediately the right phrase to put in RexExp.

But you can do the reverse process, too: put a "separator" separated list in the right text area, set the separator and convert it in a carriage return list.

Tips & Tricks: the left text area loves "paste from Excel" too!

List of kewyords separated by carriage return
Number of rows: 0

using tools

List of kewyords separated by comma
Number of rows: 0

Ex: merlinox,trading,web2.0,using tools,convertion

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